Holistic Massage and Reflexology




By applying pressure to particular points, known as reflex points, a reflexologist helps to re-balance energy in the body.  There are over 70,000 nerve endings and 5 energy zones (meridians) in each foot.  When these points are stimulated, messages are sent along the Autonomic Nervous System to all corresponding areas of the body inducing deep relaxation and allowing the nervous system to calm down and function normally.   Circulation is improved, blood flow proceeds more smoothly and oxygen reaches all the cells.   Instead of being affected by a "fight or flight" reaction, the body seeks homeostasis and equilibrium, the natural place for the body to be.

As Laura Norman says in her book Feet First, "the feet grounds us, literally and figuratively.  They are our contact with Mother Earth and the energies that flow through her.  They are our base, our foundation.  A steady foot means stability and security.  When we lose our footing we lose our equilibrium and sense of balance.   On a deeper spiritual level, we also know that this grounding contact with Mother Earth is rooted in who we are as individuals, a spirit incarnated in living flesh."