Holistic Massage and Reflexology


Acupressure - Body acu-points have high electrical conductivity.  Stimulating acupressure points can help reduce pain and discomfort by directly relaxing muscle tension, balancing the body's energy, and by increasing the body's production of endorphins. 


Reiki - Reiki is a hands-on healing technique utilizing Universal Energy.   A Reiki treatment supports the whole person, the body and its energy field. It has also been documented to relax muscles, help quiet the mind, increase blood hemocrit levels, ease pain and accelerate healing time.


Chakra Balancing with Crystal Therapy - Crystals have vibrational frequencies that work effectively with our body's subtle energies. When specific quarts crystals are placed on its harmonizing energy point on the body an energy re-balancing occurs. A holistic approach to health considers our surroundings as well as our personal, physical, emotional and spiritual states. Our energy can be depleted or become unbalanced by external or internal influences:  from thinking negatively to eating the wrong foods or absorbing radiation from computer screens. Using crystal therapy can be an effective way to re-tune or re-balance our energy.


Reference Point Therapy is a holistic approach for clearing blockages to growth caused from trauma. It has been reported that most diseases we experience are a result of past trauma. These techniques performed are based on Simon and Evette Rose's "Reference Point Therapy" course, "Healing that Works". For additional information, please visit: www.referencepointtherapy.com.


Kinesiology Taping - Kinesio Tape has been used on the body to speed the healing of sports injuries while also improving muscle coordination and performance.  Today Kinesio Tape is used in sports training and medicine because it has the benefits of decreasing swelling, inflammation, and pain.  Kinesio Tape is placed on the skin and the neuro-sensory stimulation between the skin, fascia, and the brain changes how the body responds to pain.  It leaves the body feeling stronger and more supported.