Holistic Massage and Reflexology


Massage and reflexology has an impressive range of health benefits:


On the physical level health benefits include: relaxation and stress reduction, relief of muscle tension, greater joint flexibility and range of motion, deeper and easier breathing, increased circulation (blood and lymph), reduced blood pressure, relief of headaches and eye strain, healthier skin, improved posture, a strengthened immune system and disease prevention, faster healing of pulled muscles and sprained ligaments, less spasm, pain and swelling, reduced scar tissue and better health maintenance. 

The mental level: a relaxed state of alertness, reduced mental stress, greater ability to monitor stress signals to respond properly, in addition to clearer thinking.

The emotional level:  the importance of caring touch, feeling of well being, greater emotional expression, enhanced self-image, reduced anxiety, a sense of unification and harmony.





Holistic Massage and Reflexology

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